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Electrician in Winter Haven, FL

Electrical Safety Foundation International estimates that approximately 50,000 houses catch fire every year due to electrical malfunctions. Majority of such perils are preventable if early signs are detected and appropriate actions are taken professionally. At Dynamic R.I.C. Electric, we strive to protect Winter Haven, FL residents from such losses from the services we provide.

Winter Haven, FL Fuse Box Installation and Repairs

Fuses keep your business and home safe. However, the best way to be sure is by ensuring a licensed electrician to do the installs or repairs. One surge is enough to bring your business or home to its knees. 

  • Contact Dynamic R.I.C Electric immediately in case the following occurs:
    • Fire outbreak
    • Flickering lights
    • Exposed or melted wires
    • Overheating shocks
    • Frequent blow of fuses

Generator Installations in Winter Haven, FL

Power interruptions in Winter Haven may occur without prior notification. When this happens, devices at home that require power such as HVAC and freezers stop working making your stay uncomfortable. The situation is worst for commercial investors who depend on electricity to make profits. Luckily, our Winter Haven, FL electricians can help you install a backup generator.

Speak to a Winter Haven, FL experienced & licensed electrician to learn more. Call us today!

Light Installation and Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a smart way of making your home cozy. It is also gives your customers and employees a working atmosphere on your business premises. In case you are redesigning your interior décor get in touch with our electricians.

Experts from Dynamic R.I.C Electric are not only trained to install, maintain and repair various lighting systems, but also licensed. If you intend to use solar energy for lighting surroundings or you want parking lot lamps, we are ready to provide cutting-edge services.

Winter Haven, FL Electrical Outlet and Switch Wiring

Are you looking for new switches for your office? Do you need faulty outlets replaced? We take pride in providing quality electrical outlet rectification and switch wiring in your home or office. It doesn’t matter whether it is a big task or big space. Our electricians are dedicated to helping you grow.

Electrical Design Services

Building a new home or upgrading an existing commercial premise requires a new way of optimally using power efficiently. Our skilled, experienced electrical design consultants will help you get there.

If you are searching for an electrical contractor in Winter Haven, contact Dynamic R.I.C Electric in Florida. We pride in providing quick, professional solutions to clients in industrial, residential or commercial premises. 

Are you looking for a certified electrician in Winter Haven, fL? 
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