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Why You Should Use Electric Heating

Why You Should Use Electric Heating

Why You Should Use Electric Heating.

There are not a lot of days in Lakeland (or Central Florida for that matter) that you need to use heating in your home. You may have moved here from somewhere like Canada and scoffed at the idea of even using a heater in Florida, but as many transplants can attest, your tolerance for cold wanes the longer you live down here. Cold weather usually starts becoming noticeable in November and December here and having reliable heat is needed. With that in mind, here are some reasons that electric heating is the best way to keep your home warm.

Why Electric Heating is Superior to Gas, Oil, or Coal.

It’s Clean.

While you may get some minute amounts of smoke from a heater the first time of the season it is used, it pales in comparison to the mess other forms of heating leave. Wood in a fireplace may look nice and give a cozy feel, but it can leave stains from smoke in and around the fireplace. Similarly, coal stoves have a particularly dark smoke that leaves like stains. Air vents that use heating from gas or oil can leave long streaks on the celling emanating from the vent.

It’s Safe and Cheap.

Electricity is much safer than other forms of heating because there is almost no risk from carbon monoxide poisoning that frequently happens with fireplaces and coal stoves that don’t open a flue. Gas and oil can give off the deadly toxin through air vents. Gas left on can fill a room and force out the air, killing whoever is in it. Gas also has the additional risk of explosion if it is left on too long or an old line into the home is damaged. Electric heating also costs much less than coal or oil. You don’t even have to heat the entire house if you chose with electricity, a space heater in one room can efficiently warm it. Because electricity does not rely on burn anything in your home, it is much more friendly to the environment.

Types of Electric Heaters.

In Florida, heat pumps in a central unit are the most common types of electric heaters. In other states, you may see electric boilers, electric furnaces, convection heaters and even floors and baseboards with heating elements in them.

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