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A Couple Reasons Why You Should Install a Generator

A Couple Reasons Why You Should Install a Generator

With the increasing number of hurricanes and tropical storms Central Florida has experienced since 2004, it is wise to think about installing a generator. A generator will power your home through power outages caused by storms, other weather, or man-made problems.  Generator installation is on the rise, be apart of the community and be prepared. Here are a few reasons why you should install a generator at your home or business.

Power Outages are on the Rise.

As already stated, people living in Lakeland and Plant City are all too familiar with power outages. Power outages will likely increase in coming years due to hurricanes, tropical storms, and hard cold fronts becoming more frequent. These storms not only have damaging wind and rain that can knock down power lines, in some cases, but they also spawn tornadoes that can do even more damage to the power grid.  With the increasing population in Central Florida, the demand for electricity is soaring. With weather events such as extreme cold or heat, electricity usage can become too much for the power infrastructure. Blackouts and rolling blackouts are a definite possibility until the needs of an ever increasing demand for power are met.

Generators Can Save Money.

Using a generator in a storm can preserve food, it can keep damaging mold from growing in your house from a lack of air-conditioning. A generator can let you operate pumps to keep your home from succumbing to water damage from flooding. It can allow your business to keep running during a power outage and prevent profit losses.

What type of generator do you need?

If you are only interested in keeping a refrigerator going and perhaps a few small appliances, a portable generator is the best. If you have a home or business and want to keep the air condition and all the electric powered items going, then a stationary (standby) generator is best. This generator should be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure it works correctly when a power outage occurs.

With a little planning, you can be prepared for a power outage. If you are in the Lakeland or Plant City area, let Dynamic R.I.C. Electric install a standby generator or a transfer switch for your portable generator in your home or business. The investment can pay for itself during lengthy power outages. Call 863-333-0762 or fill out our online contact form, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to discuss installation of a generator with you.