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the Items That Run Up Your Electric Bill the Most

The Items That Run Up Your Electric Bill the Most

If you live in Lakeland or another part of Central Florida, you know that when May comes around on the calendar that the temperature goes up, and so does your electric bill. Air conditioning may be the most significant influence on your electric bill during the summer, but it is not the only thing that can cause you to have a hefty power bill. Here are some things that could be driving up those kilowatt-hours.

Hot Water Heater.

During the summer months in Florida, you may want to take a cold shower, but most people still opt to use hot water. It is a heat-producing appliance and therefore, like a space heater, or heat pump, it will drive up the cost of your electric bill. You can lower the cost of using your hot water heater somewhat by following these tips.

  • Take shorter showers, and when possible, use cold water to wash clothes.
  • Use an Insulation Jacket to trap heat in the hot water heater’s tank.

You can also opt to change out your hot water heater for a tankless water heater. The U.S. Department of Energy states that for homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water a day, tankless water heaters can use 24% to 34% less energy than traditional hot water heaters.


You may not think about your refrigerator and power consumption unless you suffer a power outage and are scrambling to save perishable foods. A refrigerator can be an enormous user of electricity; fortunately, it is a simple fix.

  • Make sure to Keep the Refrigerator no lower than 35‏֯ F  and the freezer no lower than 0‏֯ F.
  • Make sure rubber molding on the refrigerator or freezer door is not cracked or missing.
  • Don’t Leave the refrigerator door open while preparing food.

Air Conditioner.

Now we come full circle to your air conditioner, the single biggest user of electricity in Florida households. Here are some tips to help keep your air conditioning cost down.

  • Make sure that your house is adequately insulated.
  • Plant shade trees in your yard.
  • Caulk around windows to keep hot air out and cold air inside.
  • Paint the exterior of your house white or a light color to reflect the sun’s rays.

If you are in the greater Lakeland, Kissimee, Clermont areas, and you want to bring your electric bill down, let Dynamic R.I.C. Electric audit your home or business. Call 863-333-0762 or fill out our online contact form, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to discuss scheduling one of our expert licensed electricians to see if the electrical systems in your house are causing your electric bill to be higher than it should.

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