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The Importance of Switch and Outlet Maintenance in Central Florida

The Importance of Switch & Outlet Maintenance in Central Florida

You use them every day, but do you really think about the upkeep of switches and outlets?

If you don’t think about maintaining your electrical outlets and wall switches, you should. After all, they control the flow of electricity in a room. Outlets and switches can take a beating in Lakeland and surrounding cities from being exposed to direct and indirect lightning strikes.  If you live in a home built before 1990, your outlets and switches are most likely due for inspection.

Why is Switch and Outlet Maintenance Important?

In 2016 23,680 residential fires were caused by electrical issues in the United States alone. If your home is destroyed or sustains substantial damage that was started by an electrical fire your insurance company may not pay? Why wouldn’t your insurance cover electrical fires? If it was negligence on your part by neglecting the upkeep of electrical outlets, switches, and fuse box or circuit breaker, then you are liable.

There are other issues caused by bad outlets or wall switches. There is the potential for you or a family member to sustain an electrical shock, especially in bathrooms where water can be everywhere.

How do I Maintain My Switches and Outlets?

Outlets are easy to maintain, it requires little effort and little cost — purchase an outlet tester from your local hardware store to test your home’s outlets. Simply plug the tester in, and an indicator on the device will tell you if the outlet is faulty or not. If the outlet is bad, don’t try to change it yourself. A licensed electrician (Dynamic R.I.C. Electric LLC) should change the outlet, and any defective wiring related to it. A good rule of thumb is to test your outlets with each change of season, so about every three months.

Switches that go bad are most likely due to bad wiring. If you have a switch that is intermittent but still works the majority of the time, it should be
preemptively replaced to eliminate a future hazard. As with outlets, don’t attempt to change out the switch yourself, a licensed electrician can find the problem and replace wiring if needed.

If you live in Central Florida and find that you have a defective outlet or switch, let Dynamic R.I.C. Electric inspect and replace the necessary components. Call 863-333-0762 or fill out our online contact form, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you.