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Electrician in Tampa, FL

Whether you are looking for the electrical supply for your new house or just repairs, it is prudent to rely on the services of a professional electrician. Electrical services require specialized contractors with a proven track record. Dynamic R.I.C Electric takes pride in offering state of the art services and a specialized team in Florida. Here are some critical electrical services that Tampa residents need certified contractors to handle. 

New construction or renovation is only complete with wiring solutions that suit your needs. Old electrical wiring needs upgrading to accommodate modern electrical appliances, efficiency, and safety.  If you are wondering if you need rewiring, look out for the following signs: 

  • Flickering Lights
  • Buzzing sound from switches
  • Frequently tripping circuit breaker
  • Burnt insulators 
  • loss of power in specific areas

The demand for energy keeps increasing annually as the number of homes and businesses increase. The high demand sometimes results in low supply. Companies and institutions cannot afford to depend on unreliable energy. The best way to correct this is to upgrade your electrical service.

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The importance of fuses is keeping your home or business safe from electrical surge effects. In case the box is faulty, your equipment, building, property, home or business remains in danger. An experienced Florida electrician can help you detect and fix the problem before something dangerous happens. 

Licensed electricians are trained to provide exemplary services even on specialized lighting. Currently, most businesses and homes are seeing the need for top-notch landscape lights, indoor lamps, and parking lot lights. After your construction is done, why rely on non-professionals to complete the electrifying task?

Backup Generator Installation & Repairs

Power interruptions in Tampa, Florida can occur anytime. It can result in substantial losses for your business and home. Without a backup generator, your HVAC stops working making your stay uncomfortable.  Our electricians can assist you to plan for such an occurrence by either repairing an existing generator or installing a new one.

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