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Seven Serious Electrical Hazards at Home

Seven Serious Electrical Hazards at Home

Seven Serious Electrical Hazards at Home.

We don’t often get to use a fireplace in Central Florida; the summer heat can persist all the way into November. With a short period of time that we can use our fireplaces, you may not be aware of the safety issues with them, especially electric fireplaces. You may wonder what safety issues there can possibly be with an electric fireplace; after all, it is much safer than a traditional fireplace. You may say “It’s only an electric space heater made to look like a fireplace.” There are some issues you should be aware of with electric fireplaces; lets look at what those issues are and how they can threaten your home.

Electric Fireplace Safety Risks.

Don’t Use Your Electric Fireplace Outside.

Maybe you want to put an electric fireplace on your patio or in your backyard to spend the cool Lakeland winter nights entertaining friends. While this may seem a great way to spend evenings in December and January, the truth is that electric fireplaces can’t hold up to our humidity. Worse, is that if it rains while the electric fireplace is on, you have a potential shock hazard; along the same lines never put an electric fireplace near a pool for the same reason.

It’s Like Open Flame.

True, flames won’t jump out of your electric fireplace, but the heat can still set things like blankets, furniture and live Christmas trees on fire. In order to be safe, it is best to keep a three to four-foot area in front of your electric fireplace clear of any objects that can melt or catch on fire.

Watch Kids and Pets.

Toddlers are naturally curious and may find the hypnotic virtual flames too much to resist and reach out with their little hands to touch them, causing serious burns. You know what was said about the cat and curiosity, the flames may seem like something to pounce on, but your cat or any pet may burn their paws on your electric fireplace.

Remember, It’s Hot.

The surface of your electric fireplace can get surprisingly hot, and it’s easy to sustain a burn by forgetting that fact and touching it our bumping into it. Be aware of your proximity to the electric fireplace so you won’t accidentally sustain a burn.

Unplug When Done.

There is no reason to leave your electric fireplace plugged in while, not in use. There are countless scenarios where something combustible can be leaning against your electric fireplace, and it gets switched on accidentally by remote control and your home burns to the ground.

Check Outlets and Extension Cords.

Electric fireplaces draw a lot of power, and a faulty outlet or frayed extension cord can be a fire hazard. Outlets should be inspected for safety by a licensed electrician prior to using an electric fireplace.

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