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Generator Installation


Generator installations and repairs in Lakeland, FL

Power outages in the Lakeland and Winter Haven areas can happen when you least expect them. An interruption in service is often more than just annoying. For home and business owners, power losses can mean hundreds of dollars in spoiled food or lost productivity, not to mention the aggravation of being stuck in hot and humid conditions at the worst possible times. Fortunately, Dynamic R.I.C. Electric has a solution for our residential and commercial customers in central, FL. Installing a gas-powered backup generator can protect your property from unwanted interruptions in your electrical service.

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What we will do:

  • Assess your home's energy needs
  • select equipment and determine installation requirements
  • Prepare the site
  • Pour concrete pad
  • Install a new subpanel near your electrical panel
  • Install automatic transfer switch (optional)
  • Provide detailed plan of which appliances and devices should draw power from your generator and which should be disconnected.
  • Provide safe electrical wiring to code

*Note: Installation of a fuel tank to your feed generator will be needed. This must be done by a utility company and can run off of propane or diesel fuel. The tank can be buried or positioned next to equipment.

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