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5 Signs It May Be Time To Change Your Electrical Panel

5 Signs It May Be Time To Change Your Electrical Panel

In Lakeland and Central Florida homes and businesses have a variety of electrical panels. Some have lasted half a century or more, but it may be time for your electrical panel to be changed by a licensed electrician. Here are some signs your electrical panel needs to go.

Your Home or Office has a Fuse Box.

Many homes and buildings in the Lakeland and Plant City area are over sixty years old. Fuse boxes were designed to handle electrical currents entering a building in a different age when appliances and electronics did not demand as many Amps as they do today. Fuse boxes are generally seen as a potential fire hazard, especially if they have been tampered with to allow more electricity to flow through them than they were designed to handle. if you have a fuse box, its time to replace it with a circuit breaker.

You See or Smell Smoke Near Your Electrical Panel.

Noting this sign is just common sense. If you are using a significant amount of electricity and you can see or smell smoke, its time for the fuse box or circuit breaker to be replaced. If there is a lot of smoke, call 911, as it could be the start of an electrical fire. Even if the amount of smoke is not enough to warrant fire department involvement, an electrician should be contacted right away, and for the panel to be replaced. Dynamic R.I.C. Electric LLC is a 24/7 Electrician ready to help you.

When You Turn on Your Lights they Flicker or Brown Out.

When you turn on the lights around your home or office, and they flicker, it’s a good chance your electrical panel is unable to handle the load. Bad wiring could also be an issue, but it is best to let a licensed electrician to determine what the problem is.  Similarly, if your lights dim because of major appliances being operated, then it is likely that the electrical box needs to be changed.

Your Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box is not up to Code.

In Hillsborough and Polk counties residential and commercial code requirements change every few years. These changes occur mainly for safety and efficiency reasons. If your circuit breaker or fuse box has been installed for more than a decade, it would be wise to have an experience, licensed electrician inspect it. If it does not meet code, then changing the panel would be wise in order to prevent future electrical fires. Of course, as previously stated, fuse boxes are a must replace.

The Breakers Trip Often.

This sign speaks for itself if you have to reset the breakers because you used a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner, it’s time to change the circuit breaker.

If you live in Central Florida and your electrical panel has any of these signs, let Dynamic R.I.C. Electric replace with a new, properly installed electrical panel. Call 863-333-0762 or fill out our online contact form, one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to assist you.